,, it is the mind itself which builds the body ´´ Joseph Pilates


The basic principles of Pilates:
Concentration – centering – precision – breathing – control – flow of movement
We stay with regular training moving increase our performance better awareness and posture healthy and toned muscles feel an improvement in everyday life healthy fascia provides protection and supplenes:

What is Pilates training?
Pilates is a holistic body training and is an optimal connection between physical and mental training. Pilates is a harmonious addition to the mind and body. The Pilates training consists of breathing technique, strength exercises, coordination and stretching.
All Pilates exercises are carried out in calm and flowing movements.
Pilates training:
Get strong in the Powerhouse, the middle.
The deep muscle groups are addressed here and ensure a healthy and correct posture.
The Pilates exercises affect all muscle groups, strengthen the back and relieve tension. At the same time, stress is reduced and the body regains its mind-body balance. The advantage of Pilates training is that it can be practiced by women and men, beginners, professional and recreational athletes, young or old.
Pilates training includes coordination exercises, strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.
To achieve increased body awareness, all exercises are based on the so-called powerhouse, which means the muscles of the spine in the middle of the body. In addition, the muscles of the pelvic floor and the deep trunk muscles are specifically strengthened.
All movements protect the joints and ligaments. With Pilates training, clean, controlled execution and the right breathing technique are the way to success. H. Control, concentration, conscious breathing, centering and relaxation. This promotes movement coordination and condition.
In order to bring the body and mind back into harmony, every movement should be concentrated and mentally controlled. The Pilates exercises should be carried out calmly and not quickly in between. All attention should be on the body. All exercises are carried out in flowing movements and transitions, without lengthy interruptions. There are no abrupt, hard or isolated movements.
The conscious and trained diaphragmatic breathing is supposed to counteract tension and increase control over the body. The powerhouse means the targeted strengthening of the middle of the body, which extends from the chest to the pelvis. The Powerhouse strengthens the back muscles and prevents back problems. Many back ailments and pains arise from poorly trained back muscles.

Training possibility:

  • Semblanza dance studio Geisenhausenerstraße 18 Obersendling
  • TCM Praxis Fallstraße 26 Neuhofen
  • Outdoor Indoor
  • Firms
  • top hotel Munich