About me

Every day I prepare myself for the individual needs of every one of my guests and make use of the wide spectrum of knowledge and know-how I have acquired, to ensure I leave an unforgettable impression.
I grew up in Munich and on Chiemsee. I have always been drawn to explore the world.
In 2005 I emigrated to Australia and started my 9 month trip around the world there alone. What an unique time and experience..


I am a state beautician,nutrition consultant, retail clerk, make-up artist and free lecturer for adult education. I had the opportunity for professional development in place such as Chiang Mai (Thailand), where I learned the far eastern Treatments with a private teacher, food energie treatment, further training in aromatherapy for example Susanne Kaufmann Bregenz, Organic Pharmacy London-

Since 1996 I have been working in upscale Hotels and Spas (freelance since 1998).

I have experience in Wellness, Pilates, nutrition, Spa, cosmetics and body treatments.

I have also had the pleasure of working abroad (Ireland, Austria, Australia, Barcelona and Madeira).

I have taken care of a variety of high-profile clients, professional athletes, movie stars, singers and many more in different luxury hotels, including Mandarin Oriental (formerly Hotel Rafael) in Munich, Bayrischer Hof, Four seasons, Munich Palace, Beyond by Geisel, Louis, Park Hyatt in Hamburg, Glendalough in Ireland, zur Tenne in Kitzbühl, Choupana Hills in Madeira. I have also had experience as a crewmember of a luxury yacht, where I was a private beautician and masseuse in Barcelona for the owners only.

I obtained 2nd place in the German tier for massage and wellness in 2002 in the former Hotel Rafael (Golden Star Hotels) in Munich.